Shipping & Delivery

Domestic Shipping & Delivery

  • Inclusive Curbside Delivery: Every purchase made with us includes fully insured curbside delivery within the U.S.A., unless specified otherwise. This ensures that your unique live edge pieces reach you safely and efficiently.

  • Understanding Curbside Delivery: When we say "curbside delivery", we mean that a dedicated courier will arrive at your location with your selected item(s) securely loaded on their truck. It's essential to be ready to assist the courier in unloading your item(s). If you're unable to help, please ensure someone is present at the location to assist. While couriers typically don't bring items inside or set them up, a small gesture of appreciation can sometimes go beyond expectations.

  • White Glove Delivery Option: For those seeking a comprehensive delivery experience, we offer a white glove delivery service at an additional charge. This premium service includes delivery, installation, and cleanup, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. If this is something you're interested in, please reach out to us for more details.

Liability & Insurance

  • Third-Party Couriers: We entrust our deliveries to reputable third-party courier services. However, it's important to note that 1 of a Kind Live Edge Slabs is not responsible for any item(s) that might get lost or damaged during transit. Any concerns or grievances related to delivery should be directed to the respective courier service.

  • Insurance & Assistance: While such incidents are rare, we always purchase insurance for all our shipments. In the unfortunate event that your item arrives damaged or gets lost, please contact us immediately. We are committed to assisting you throughout the recovery process and ensuring you receive the value of your purchase.

International Shipping

  • Global Delivery Options: We understand the global appeal of our live edge creations. International shipping is available upon request. If you're located outside the U.S.A. and wish to own a piece from 1 of a Kind Live Edge Slabs, please get in touch with us for shipping details and charges.

At 1 of a Kind Live Edge Slabs, we are dedicated to ensuring that our unique creations reach you in perfect condition. Our shipping and delivery policies are designed to offer clarity and peace of mind. If you have any further questions or specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.